Zuee Adorno is a recognized artist for her specialty in the world of micro-pigmentation, and the removal of previous and poorly performed works. She as a designer has more than 10 years of experience in the field of micro-pigmentation, and eyelash extensions and more than 20 years in the beauty industry.

Creator of the most comprehensive and complete lines on the market, ZUOLÉ LASHES and ZUEE ADORNO EYEBROW DESIGNER.

All lines are created to cover the smallest detail and needs that arises when performing any of the services. Our products can be found internationally in places like Puerto Rico, United States, Mexico, Colombia and other countries.

As of now, we have 4 main locations located in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Puerto Rico where it offers courses in micro-pigmentation, eyelashes and removal of previous jobs. As well as all its services and products.

We are known for providing the most innovative styles and techniques in the micro-pigmentation and eyelash industry. Focused on training professionals 1-on-1, providing the tools for your students to master the art lashes and brows and teaching the knowledge, that can take your career and a bright future to the next level.